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Who We Are

TJ44 Consulting LLC – Compliance and More on Demand aims to be your compliance, risk management and creditors rights services provider of choice. With over 50 combined years of experience in financial services, consumer credit and collection, auto and mortgage lending we offer complete compliance solutions, risk identification and management services, bankruptcy services and much more. We have stood face to face with the CFPB, SEC, DOJ, OCC, FBI and won. Let us help you do the same.

The time to review and update your complete Compliance Management System (“CMS”) package is NOW and we can help


Why now?

There has been a change in the White House and an appointment of the new director of the CFPB Rohit Chopra. Chopra has made it clear he intends to use the powers of the CFPB broadly and with increased scrutiny.

During the Trump years, the CFPB was active, yet did not initiate as many enforcement actions and in fact walked back some of the guidelines and rules created under Director Cordray.

Director Chopra has set forth the CFPB agenda and we can expect a few clear focus points.

  • Impact of Covid 19 - Transitioning your customers from forbearance and other programs to making regular payments.
  • Fair Lending - expect to see more enforcement actions, higher financial penalties and much more use of the disparate impact theory.
  • Credit Reporting - Increased focus on accurate and fair credit reporting.
  • Debt Collection Focus

What should companies be doing NOW?

  • Regularly review and update Compliance Management Systems.
  • Monitor the CFPB enforcement actions and update policies and procedures as such.
  • Revisit Fair Lending Policies and Procedures
  • Ensure Complaint Management System is working properly, and complaints are monitored, tracked and mitigated.

Quick Summary of Services We Provide

  • Compliance Management System Creation and Implementation.
  • Full Contract Cycle Services
  • Development of Internal Audit Processes and Procedures
  • Review and Update of Compliance Management System to Ensure Compliant with the CFPB Expectations
  • Liaison with State and Federal Agencies
  • Development of Collection Letters, Scripts, Disclosures and Review and Update of the Same.
  • Compliance Training and Compliance Module Development
  • Vendor Management and Risk Assessment
  • Compliance Risk Identification and Remediation
  • File Proof of Claims for Both Chapter 7 and 13
  • Create, Development and Implement a Strategy and System for Bankrupt Accounts
  • Update and Review of Bankruptcy Collection Systems and Processes to Ensure Compliance

Our Amazing Team


Tara Trantham

Founder, CEO

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